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SO HERE'S A PERSONAL AD I wrote. It was written for contexts other than my home page, so you can find out a lot more about me from reading the rest of my home pages than you can from the first paragraph. But, the ad as a whole has a nice feeling about it (I think), so I decided not to muck with it in placing a copy of it here.

Techno-hippie in Silicon Valley seeks man for long-term relationship


I consider myself to be a considerate and affectionate man who possesses intelligence, humor, and wit. I am very laid-back, down-to-earth, and a casual dresser. I enjoy hiking, SCUBA, trains, movies, cooking (especially for someone who appreciates it), dancing, sci-fi, photography, travel, walks, doing something nice for someone special, quiet times, cuddling (a lot), non-sexual (and sexual) nudity, and kissing (lots of that too!).

I am looking for a friend who could very well turn out to be my husband. This doesn't mean that I latch onto every man I meet. I'm not a leech--don't worry. I realize (and you should too) that people have to be friends first. We know that "love at first sight," while it may in fact happen, is rare. We know that it's not possible to make up our minds about somebody based on a first date since people may be nervous or awkward and not relaxing to let their true personality shine through. We are willing to give something a chance and know that affection can grow with time. But, I (unlike so many men I've met) do know what I want out of life and, if we hit it off, date for a while, and end up falling in love, I might want you! :)

You should be 24(ish) to 36(ish), and trim/thin, a non-smoker, drug-free, and considerate. You get bonus points for facial hair and/or long hair, but neither is by any means required.

You should also have the time to devote toward developing a friendship (instead of being one of those "constantly busy" people). So, I hope to hear from you. Thanks for reading.

- Paul

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Last updated: January 20, 2000